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Apr. 4th, 2011


On Saturday I went down to the refugee rally in Melbourne. I thought it was gonna be a fairly standard non event sort of thing....but I was wrong. The rally marched to the detention centre. Some of the detainees broke out and we decided to defend them while we got a human rights lawyer to come help; Consequently the police sprayed us (Ouch).

After the rally I went to the Anzac chamber send off. Apparently Melbourne water was planning to shut down the drain after it found out that people were going down there to have parties and stuff. Anzac is like the biggest drain in Melbourne and there’s all these amazing murials on the walls. I was so depressed about it being closed off I had to go see it. On the way I got lost and had to stop this group of people to ask directions. I heard one of the girls say something along the lines of “we just have to wait for this junky to finish asking for money. The other girl said “Well it’s the best looking junky I’ve ever seen. I thanked her for the compliment.

When I got to the drain I took pictures of as many of the wall murials as I could. I was totally depressed. Anzac is so unbelievably cool. There was tape around the entrance, and the council had put up notices declaring that the drain was to close in the next few weeks.....It turned out that the whole thing was just a April fool’s joke put on by certain members of the cave clan. I was so relived. We had a party, and me and this other guy crashed at ATH’s place; we stayed up to around 5 in the morning watching cave clan short films. Amazing stuff!

I bumped into Nick from Seymour on my way back home. We had coffee and caught up. I must get back down to Seymour one of these days and see everyone....When I’ve got time...which I never seem to have :-(.

Apr. 1st, 2011


If we are all the connected then I am rather horrible. I am a murderer, and rapist etc because all of those nasty people are connected to me. I personally am not a murderer or a rapist but if I am connected to those people then I share responsibility, if we are all the same then I am as much responsible for their crimes as they are. I therefore have to take responsibility for all of the world’s man made problems. They are all my fault because I am the same as them. There is no they only I.

Well ok. It is a big thing. I have to make sure that everyone’s needs are met, that everyone has the chance to achieve their full potential. I educate myself, I get politically active, I spread this idea (Which so many religions have tried and failed to do in the past) and I be generally nice to people. Ok no worries. I can a accept the bad things and try to solve them.

How do you actually deal with the bad guys (I should clarify the people who I view as bad guys). Lock them up? kill them before they kill me? If we’re all the same aren’t I just hurting myself? Who am I to say what’s right and what’s wrong?

Assuming that people are not just born bad, If their needs are met then there is much less of a chance they will become bad IE if they are educated and not raised in a nasty culture they are more likely to be good people. As for what defines bad, bad is anything that stops or people from achieving full potential for happiness as well as scientific and artistic growth.
Happiness comes from spiritual growth and society not material. People should have enough to live on, and strive to better the whole not the individual.

But Ben you didn’t answer my question why do you get to decide who to lock up? You are enforcing an idea on society.

Well, I have to assume that my views and philosophies are correct. But you raise an interesting point. How can I reform people without controlling them? I guess I just have to change their minds’. I have to show them the alternatives and try to convince them. I have to change society to make people see what I'm on about......Yes?....

Sounds a bit pie in the sky to me.

Maybe but what's the alternitive? Let the world go to hell?

I see your point.

I think it's time to stop writing before the B grade philosophy degenerates into C grade and I say something really stupid, or misspell somehtning. I mean this is all starting to sound a bit like a first year new age uni paper don't you think?


Ok see you latter

See ya.

Do you think they'll think I'm crazy for talking to myself on a blog.

Well acording to you, it’s just as much their fault your crazy as it is yours.

Ah good point. I don't think I got anywhere with this....

Do we ever?

Mar. 8th, 2011

It's all about the me that is us that is me.

I think I’ve changed a lot in the last four years. I was talking to one of my housemates and he agreed. I think I’ve become a lot more humble, which is a big relief. For a while there I was very pretentious. I think I’m also a lot more willing to take risks now, which has led me to quite a few very fun adventures. My philosophy at the moment is that we are all connected. Even the people who I dislike have contributed to the ideas that I have, as I have contributed to theirs. I think individuality is an illusion. I would have no personality or new ideas if it wasn’t for the people around me. That by the way is what Vigotsky (Think that’s how you spell his name) and other prominent theorists on the nature of learning are saying right now too (That we learn, and construct who we are from social interaction).

I went down to Melbourne recently to help Resistance recruit for O week. It went pretty well, we got around 31 new joiners. I slept in the office which was very uncomfortable.
After O week I got to see a free Amanda Palmer concert (We got in because we had a resistance stall and if we man it at the start and end of the concert it gives the thing cred. Sea shepherd were also there. The concert was awesome. I got an Album signed, and I got the chance to snuggle under Amanda’s hairy armpit for a photo. I gave her an unfuck the world badge from our stall, and she wore it (Not bad publicity). Being an activist can sometimes have its perks.

The next weekend I went on a cave clan expo (Cave clan are a group of urban explorers who go down drains and into ruined buildings etc). We went down two drains + we went into the old electricity plant (Only a little asbestos in there). We climbed up onto the roof, and someone must have seen us because the cops turned up fast. We snuck out the back. I’d better leave it there because I’ve got to get to work on a talk I’m giving for a climate change forum.

See ya later nobody at all.

Feb. 28th, 2011

The Palmer effect

The boy lay dying of lymphoma when the famous singer Amanda Palmer came to visit him. His mother sat in the corner, ready to help him get anything he needed. Amanda was here, because the make a wish foundation had asked her to come. She was already in Melbourne on tour. The boy never doubted she would come. All the boy said was "thank you for your music. It let me paint, gave me the inspiration, now the works are hanging in a gallery. We both know that we’re just humans, we’ll all die and disappear, but I know that art is something bigger, something not at all human. we are the same. All of us are the same. You have helped me to paint by playing your music, and someone else helped you to write your songs by playing theirs. We both know that we’ve given birth to something. My only fear is that I’ll never see it again.

Feb. 20th, 2011

How very odd.

This Journal is very odd. I’m not sure what it’s purpose is. Originally it was created to keep in touch with an old friend who had moved overseas, although I’m fairly sure she doesn’t use LJ anymore. Who reads this? I don’t think anyone does, and if they did why would they want too? It is interesting to see how I’ve changed over the years though. I think I’ve become a lot more mature since the beginning (Some entries I have deleted due to embarrassment). Why do I keep this doing this thing? Why not just keep a handwritten journal? It’s very odd.Months pass, and I forget all about it, but always I come back to it.....

1.Have started hanging with urban explorers, we go down storm drains and into run down abandoned buildings.
2. Still writing fiction
3. I have decided that I am gonna get a job in teaching after all (Can’t remember if I mentioned it but I recently had second thoughts, thought about science and politics).
4. Living in poverty at the moment until my course finishes at the end of this year (I only have one unit left in second semester (because I forgot to enrol in that one).
5. I worked for Greenpeace for a few weeks which was awesome.
I’ve been going to lots of Melbourne rallies having awesome debates with awesome people.

I know I could say more, but when I’m writing for LJ I get so lazy.

Oct. 21st, 2010

Holy shit!!!!!!!

The US is thirteen trillion dollars in debt. THIRTEEN TRILLION!!! I think the fall of the empire is on its way.

Oct. 13th, 2010

Back to Hazelwood.

Hazelwood was lots of fun. Around 100 cops, and fifty security, + 4 undercover cops. There was live music, and the protest was really peaceful. I didn’t get arrested, there was no point. The cops looked very board and sun burned.Apparently I was on TV.

The night before I stayed with Stu and Kimberly. We went to the art gallery and saw the European masters. I’d already seen it once, but was happy to go see it again.

Oct. 8th, 2010

(no subject)

•Just working on stuff for the upcoming state elections at the moment; writing speeches for people, drawing up flyers, phoning and researching.

•Feeling a little tired but really enjoying the work.

•Looking forward to the Hazelwood power plant protest on Sunday. I’m gonna play it by ear. I haven’t decided whether to get arrested or not. If they break down the fences and everyone rushes in, then yes, if it’s just a few people jumping the fence in drips and drabs, then no.

•Going to a birthday party tonight, should be fun.

Sep. 30th, 2010


Light from the city washed out over the water. It wavered and dipped around the edges of the bay but in the end faltered and gave way to darkness, as if it were unsure whether to venture further out or not. The water of the bay was still and black, a place where humans didn’t belong. It creased and flowed like velvet.

Sep. 29th, 2010


Why build jails when we have TVs?

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